A comparative study of the european pharmaceutical industry essay

First, they must deal with competition from within and without. Although many doctors keep on learning after graduating from higher educational establishments, there is no evidence that the information they get is free of biases. To produce a blockbuster, a drug company must spend large amounts of money on research, most of which fails to produce a product.

For example, cooperation of Sanofi-Aventis and Bristol-Myers Squibb resulted in production of Plavix, which is currently one of the top-selling products for each of these companies. Average exchange rates.

European perspective, 10 Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Mgmt. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten A measure of innovation in the pharmaceutical sector is the number of launches of new chemical and biological entities.

The European Union EU has established a general policy for off-label use; drugs should be approved and authorized for specific treatments.

During those a new developed drug is compared with possible alternative treatments to find out which is the best in which circumstances for which patients. In such a way, pharmaceutical industry is dedicated to helping people fight their diseases.

Out of every 5, compounds tested in the laboratory by a drug company, only five enter clinical trials, and only one of these will ultimately make it to the market. European pharmaceutical companies, once leading in the world have lost some of their competitiveness, as shown in the following table.

This helps them to learn whether this or that drug will be helpful in combating their disease. Many nations of the world have different yet very similar approaches to off-label prescription use regulation.

What are the opportunities, and what are the threats? Only very large companies can shoulder the costs and risks of doing this, making it difficult for new companies to enter the industry.

In fact, this leads to a situation when the health of people is hanging somewhere in between.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies often keep private much of the information about the drugs they produce. The paper consists of three major parts. The data on the various methods of drug discovery is enormous and sophisticated. Geographical headquarters of major pharmaceutical companies are approximately evenly distributed between the U.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay Sample

Finally, Big Pharma companies in order to maintain strong sales growth and meet profitability expectations of their shareholders were actively selling low-profitability or non-core businesses. The top two products held 1. Drug firms patent a specific molecule, and competing firms can patent similar, but not identical, molecules that have a similar pharmacological effect.

Numbers provided in this table include sales of all subsidiaries and affiliated companies that are consolidated in annual reports of the corresponding companies.

Another form of structural change in the industry was establishing of new strategic alliances and joint ventures. A premier membership is required to view the full essay. Generally they are intended to: What are the prospects for the industry going forward?

European Federation of pharmaceutical industries and associations [3] Source: Jasen took it upon himself to become a certified pharmacy technician and studied several continuing education credits that focus on Medicare Fraud and Abuse prevention, HIPAA privacy and security laws, and ethics in the pharmacy workplace.

Certainly, there is no one true answer — merely a set of ideas that should be adopted only after a nation knows what would be best for its people. The pharmaceutical Industry is a very complex sector with close links to other Industries. The second part focuses on a more detailed analysis of major pharmaceutical companies.

Competing firms can produce drugs that are similar but not identical to a patent-protected drug. Although size of the company on its own does not guarantee success, it gives a significant advantage, especially in pharmaceutical industry.

The manufacturers may then disseminate the research results.

A Comparative Look at Off-Label Pharmaceutical Use

Not surprisingly, according to Research and Development in Industry: Posted on July 20th,by Sergei Pharmaceutical industry is associated with both pros and cons. Most of them do not let people know about the potential consequences of taking this or that drug.

The promotion of drugs with the help of physicians also has its positive sides. In fact, the system is set-up such that pharmaceutical manufacturers may fund research that helps find new off-label uses. The EU is also involved in directing the trials.

The Caronia case arose out of the promotion of a drug called Xyrem, a very powerful central nervous system depressant.Jun 01,  · [5] Mariestela Buhay, Off-Label Drug Promotion Is Lost in Translation: A Prescription for A Public Health Approach to Regulating the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Right to Market and Sell Its Products, 13 J.

Health Care L. & Pol’y(). By volume of pills produced, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s second largest after China. India has the second largest community of software developers, after the U.S. India has the second largest network of paved highways, after the U.S.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical Industry is a key asset of the European Economy. Although there has been a recent slowdown of the major economies the employment in the R&D section of this industry is rising.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Essays (Examples)

For some experts, European pharmaceutical firms can be comparable with American firms on the aspect of innovation and competitiveness (Kobelt 4). The Structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The European pharmaceutical industry works as a. The Global Pharmaceutical Industry In the pharmaceutical industry market segments can be found depending on the criteria used.

For example, geographically there are three main market segments (the Triad accounting for 80% and with the strongest growth): The United States of America, Europe and Japan with the main future segment being the. Nov 27,  · The organization, Cure Pharmaceutical (Cure), operates in the pharmaceutical industry's drug delivery technology segment.

Cure is considered a small pharmaceutical company with revenues of one hundred and fifty million.

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A comparative study of the european pharmaceutical industry essay
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