A comparison of mattie ross in the film true grit in 1969 and in 2010

Let us know in the comment section below! On the contrary, the physical and psychological racism Cogburn and his contemporaries exert is a critique; a critique of an attitude embodied by countless Americans against African Americans, Native Americans, and Asians.

The music between both films is another big difference. The film is far more realist and historically accurate, especially to the setting of the novel, Arkansas and the Oklahoma Indian territories — but filmed in Texas and closer to the look of the land in the book.

She has his remains exhumed and re-interred in her family plot. This new version really demonstrates the negatives associated with revenge; how it can consume somebody and how nothing positive can come from it.

This made it easy to understand and had a broad appeal to audiences. The book explains this as, while drunk, Rooster used it to shoot a rat. The character was a cantankerous ol rebel of the Wild West that was deadly with a pistol, enjoyed playing a post-meal game of cards with his friend, the shopkeeper Chin Lee and drinking his whiskey.

In the movie, Wayne carried a six-shooter in his left hand and his Winchester Model large-loop rifle in the other the rifle is anachronistic, being introduced 12 years after the setting of the movie. I thought the film was well made but at the same time I had my problems with it.

Lucky Ned Pepper These dual performances are the closest for me between both films mainly because Barry Pepper has alot of the same dialogue as Robert Duvall did.

The cinematic culture that made each film is very different, as well as the culture of their separate audiences. In the book, Mattie remains the central character throughout; in the movie Rooster Cogburn gets an equal share of the limelight.

True Grit: A Comparison of Two Versions

After also considering Sally Fieldthe role went to Kim Darby. Aside from the obvious theme — this appears on the poster: However, by the end of the film its intention is clear: John Wayne was another matter. However, prior to filming she made a film in England with Robert Mitchumwho advised her not to work with director Henry Hathaway because he was "cantankerous.

The film can be considered the clean version of the story, with all the actors wearing clean and colorful costumes, filmed in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies.

Does the ’69 Version of ‘True Grit’ Even Compare to the Coens’?

Portis had a keen sense of plotting and drama that both films wisely copy fairly thoroughly. John Wayne met Karen Carpenter at a talent show he was hosting and recommended her for the part, though the producers decided against it because she had no acting experience. Mattie Ross is a Christian woman who leaves civilization and for a few days explores the heart of darkness of the old west.

When the executioner pulls the lever, killing the three men, the spectators feign horror — a disingenuous sentiment. At first I wasnt even sure if it was him, then I recognized his face.

And book Mattie was a cold character who ended up only loving her religion and bank and never marrying. Ultimately both movies work hard to follow the book, but I think the people of are naturally more willing to accept the horror and grotesque of the American gothic of the story.

True Grit by Charles Portis–Book versus Movies

The film visually portrayed the wild west characters as if they had step through a time travel portal, looking dirty, hungry and uneducated.

The new version begins with a Biblical quote from Proverbs: The version of True Grit contains exactly what the title exclaims: But yes, the newer film was more grittier when it came to the violence and humor of the story.

Pepper is always a solid actor who makes a project better. However, both movies feature the underlying intention of the incident: He was basically playing himself which just made the film easier to get into and enjoy. There is no familial bond that we see form between them. Henry Hathaway who was one of the legendary old school directors in Hollywood went for a more traditional set up with his shots.

In the book, Rooster Cogburn had a mustache and did not wear an eye patch, though he had only one eye. In his fight with Ned Pepper, he wielded two Navy six-shooters.

Wayne fell in love with the horse, which would carry him through several more Westerns, including his final movie, The Shootist. Mount Morrison and Laurel Mountain form the backdrop above the creek. Of course it contains most of the same tropes present in the new True Grit but without the critical eye for what makes us human, relying instead on macho men and their adventurous exploits.

Farrow quit the film, which was then offered to Sondra Locke and Tuesday Weldboth of whom turned it down.Dec 29,  · The version of True Grit contains exactly what the title exclaims: grit. It’s a meticulously fashioned film, presenting an honest account of vengeance whereas the John Wayne version embodies the mythological interpretation of the Old West common in western films of the era.

Dec 27,  · Hailee Steinfeld’s Mattie Ross is notably younger than Kim Darby’s (which, at times, makes the new Mattie seem even more of an old movie concoction), and major sections of the picture are set at night (a technique that worked a lot better in No Country for Old Men).

Only a few days ago someone was telling me the adaptation of Charles Portis’s “True Grit” was pretty much the same as Joel and Ethan Coen’s adaptation. I laughed. I laughed because there isn’t even a comparison to be made other than the fact they share some of the same lines of dialogue and a similar narrative.

True Grit is the story of year old Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld), the daughter of a man murdered by one of his hired hands, Tom Chaney. The rest of Mattie’s family is either too young or not willing to handle dealing with her father’s affairs, so it falls to her.

When Darby first met Wayne on the set of True Grit, the veteran actor already had 40 years of film-making under his belt. In the original film, she played the thrifty, churchgoing, year-old Mattie, who exploits Wayne's drunken, one-eyed, hard-nosed marshal's desperation for money as she chivvies him into helping avenge her father's death.

Dec 20,  · Possibly the biggest change from the to versions of "True Grit" appears to come in the form of facial hair. Bridges sports a face full of whiskers where Wayne refused to add the handlebar mustache that author Charles Portis had envisioned for his character in the original novel.

A comparison of mattie ross in the film true grit in 1969 and in 2010
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