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Abc, Inc. Case Study

This strategy would kills two birds with one stone since Carl will be able to correct his mistakes I the recruitment process through the guidance of this partner and at the same time master the recruitment process through the buddy system.

Major Issues During his first recruitment effort, Carl Robins encountered many problems that need to be addressed to resolve this issue.

It must be clear to the employee and the recruiter exactly what must be accomplished before and after the hiring.

The main problem only reflects the immaturity of Carl Robins to handle such task for ABC Inc which is one of the top and well known multinational companies in the country. Abc inc case study for student to the short deadline that Carl Robins had, he maybe rushed things, plus the fact that he Abc inc case study for student enough skills in performing the said responsibility of recruiting the new trainees for ABC Inc, it resulted to various problems such as incomplete training manuals, application papers of the applicants were not filled completely, lack of medical screening and delayed schedule for training.

Getting the recruitment right would be one of the sources of competitive advantage of a given business entity relative to their competitors since this would lead to the attainment of efficient work force Apsc.

Possible Alternatives An alternative would be to postpone the orientation. If not done right, this led to the deterioration of the productivity of the company. This alternative could be done through requesting the senior staff of Human Resource Department to teach Carl Robins the step by step process of recruiting new trainees for the company.

Carl must then try to coordinate with the technology services section to determine if it is possible to share the training room. Manuals are missing pages, transcript and applications are not completed, there is no training room reserved, and most importantly are the drug screens.

This would save time for the company since the latter will no longer have to bother to train Carl Robins and let other staff of the Human Resource Department to handle and fix the problem on the recruitment process created by Robins.

The new trainees were hired to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. ABC, Inc must develop an effective checklist or procedure to follow for hiring new employees. Monica has made only one phone call to see how the progress is going. Carl assured Monica that he would coordinate everything and it would all be completed on time.

If that is not possible, Carl must find another suitable location for the new hire training to take place. Next, Carl must schedule appointments at the clinic for all the new employees for the mandatory drug screen and have the results delivered immediately.

The last but not the least solution would be to demote robins into his positions since he still lacks the proper skills and experience in recruiting new trainees for the company.

There appears to be no procedural manual for Carl to follow, which indicated poor procedural structure. Retrieved March 29,from http: Key Problems On the midst of the recruitment process, it was only during then when Carl Robins realized that there were some vital requirements of the recruitment process that has not yet been satisfied by the trainees and he has only a limited amount to time left to fixed all the mistakes that he committed as the recruiter of the 15 trainees.

Case Study Analysis By: A junior recruiter should work very closely with a more experienced recruiter during the first recruitment effort. Carl must immediately contact all of the new employees and have them complete their employment applications and verify that copies of their transcripts are on file.

Carl played a role in there recruitment, although, was he the only one to have a say in the hiring? In the mean time, Carl must review the orientation manuals for completeness and coordinate the reproduction of enough copies for each new employee.Abc, Inc.

Case Study Analysis. COMM July 20, ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis Case Study Background In April, Carl Robins, a new recruiter for ABC, Inc, with only six months experience, successfully hired 15 new employees/5(1). ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis We will write a custom essay sample on.

ABC, Inc - ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis introduction. Case Study Analysis. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time. Case study for student analysis ; New Hire Orientation: A Case Study.

ABC, Inc. ABC, Inc. Case Study Yolanda Nixon Comm/ March 23, Winifred Winstead Connelly MA, Med. ABC, Inc.

Abc, Inc. Case Study Analysis

Case Study This company has hired a new recruiter with no experience. Carl Robbins is the recruit that showed the most potential for the work. Abc, Inc. Case Study. Case Study Analysis Summary ABC, Inc.

recruiter Carl Robins has been given the task of recruiting new hires for his company.  Case Study for Student Analysis This case study for student analysis will look at an employee of ABC, Inc., Carl Robins, the new recruiter of only six months and his struggle to hold orientation for fifteen new hires.

There are various factors that play a part of why Carl struggles to meet the promised deadline that is fast approaching. Mar 30,  · Case Study.

Case Study ABC Inc. COMM/215

ABC Inc. needs help.

ABC, Inc. Case Study Analysis

ABC Inc. needs help Starlene Royce March 11, Julie Dwyer COMM/ - ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING In April a new hire recruiter Mr. Robins of ABC Inc. had been faced with a few difficult Robins had managed to get fifteen hires Save Paper; 4 Page.

Abc inc case study for student
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