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More importantly, even the exaggerated computer model future for India in would not be extraordinary or unprecedented, and there is no evidence that human CO2 emissions caused recent or current natural and cyclical temperature and sea level fluctuations.

The report also says warmer temperatures will prevail during the nighttime over the south peninsula and central and northern India, whereas daytime warming is will occur in central and northern India.

The actual cause was significant diversion and storage of runoff to meet increasing water demands for agriculture and industry — and the false cure of cutting emissions would not improve this situation. For countries to implement restrictive, punitive energy policies — based on such speculation — would be crazy and suicidal.

Is this how rising atmospheric CO2 increases global warming? However, such diurnal warming patterns might simply be related to the distance from the sea, rather than to any CO2 global warming effects.

They found at least four periods, each one lasting to years, during the mid-Holocene period to years agowhen seas were one to three meters above current levels.

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However, past temperature and sea level changes were certainly more extreme than what scientists have observed in India during the past two centuries.

Certainly, indeed there is not and cannot be till science shall have extended its domain far beyond its present limits.

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Tide gauge data collected over the past 20 years reveal that mean sea level rise averages only 1. Cities from Hisar to Amritsar experienced record low temperatures of degrees Celsius 5.

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Britain, the United States, other countries and even Cancun were pummeled by record cold, and early snowstorms shut down highways, airports and cities. But this had nothing to do with CO2 emissions. In India, at least three people died in the northwestern states of Punjab and Haryana, when night-time temperatures dropped by three degrees Celsius below normal.

Posted by MS at. In central England, the BBC reported, has ushered in one of the coldest starts to winter since It shows a year-long sea level rise of up to 3. Meanwhile, the Northern Hemisphere was being blasted by record cold and snow, as Old Man Winter arrived early.

Yet another study examined coastal erosion. The cold reality is that overall average Indian temperatures have increased by only 0. At least they promised, again, to provide some financing … someday … from somewhere.

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Another study by Peter Ramsay of Durban, South Africa produced a year record along the southern African coastline. Himalayan glaciers grew to their maximum ice accumulation about years ago, according to the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, and their well-known retreats began as Earth warmed following the year-long Little Ice Age — not because of human CO2 emissions.

With our scientific and technological advances, we will survive future changes, too — if we do not shackle our energy and economic development, thereby keeping billions of people poor and deprived of the ability to adapt.

We survived those past global warming and cooling periods.Build your next story with up-to-the-minute breaking news and history's most iconic images and video directly from The Associated Press.

Where stories begin. Science News writer wins AIP award August 10, Science News physics writer Andrew Grant won the American Institute of Physics’ prize in the Science Writing — Articles category for “ The mysterious boundary," his feature about what happens at the entrance to a black hole.

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Alicia chang ap science writer willie
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