Artist statement for ib hl

You can help by adding to it. To satisfy IB Music HL, the candidate must perform solo for a total of 20 minutes and write three contrasting compositions of which one may be an arrangementeach between 3 and 6 minutes. The candidate investigates the aspects such as movement, space, time, and dynamics in regards to dance and puts them in practice through performance.

It is marked externally. The exam for Visual Art encourages the candidate to articulate their concerns and development over the course of the two years of study.

I used a stark grey background so the colors were more graphic and stood out. Going into this I knew that my skills as an artist were limited because I never taught myself how to paint.

Write five sentences that tell the truth Artist statement for ib hl your connection to your work.

Visual arts

Do the materials have an impact on the meaning of the work? Art-making practice Students make art through a process of investigation, thinking critically and experimenting with techniques.

Read the entries related to your words. I think this piece is weak, but it was my first one and really helped me to explore the use of acrylic paint and combining colors.

The submitted work should be in at least three different art-making forms. These have been formed and molded over time but where influenced most by Jasper Johns and Franz Marc. What outside interests, artists, encounters or experiences have influenced your work? What do you like best about what you do?

Writing the Rationale is part of the process of self- reflection, decision making, and of understanding of the relationship between artist and audience. The assessment is an interview where the candidate talks about their exhibited works, this interview is recorded and sent overseas for moderation.

Copy the definitions, thinking about what notions they have in common. For both levels of IB Film, the candidate must research and write an Independent Study, do a Practical Project and give an oral presentation, based on the close analysis of a 5-minute extract from a film prescribed by the IBO.

Overview, concepts, and ideas Viewer Relationships Overview, concepts, and ideas theme: Students explore ways of communicating through visual and written means.


A score of both compositions must also be submitted. The candidate also learns to communicate effectively with other performers and the audience. The candidates must demonstrate creative and personal thinking, feeling and interaction with their work. What is your vision for presenting this body of work imagine you could have any possible space or display method?

I worked hard to make sure there was balance in all aspects of the pieces. At HL, students must also write a critique of the sources in the research investigation. Keep it simple and tell the truth. Is there a pattern in the way you select materials? However, the alternate to the interview process is to write a word statement on your IB journey in Visual Arts.

For both levels of IB Music the candidate must conduct a musical investigation. How do you want your audience to experience it? To fulfill the performance requirements, the candidate must perform either a minute solo recital, or a minute ensemble performance.

May According to the new syllabus introduced inthe IB Theater Arts programme is made out of four components; two are internally assessed and two are externally assessed.Your artist's statement can be a moving testament to your creativity and integrity as an artist.

This writing assignment will prepare you for writing your artist's statement for your IB Exam submission). The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output.

The CRB is the final portfolio that is sent away for evaluation of college credits. The CRB is the following: 1) Candidate Statement: words maximun and candidate number. Write a short critical analysis of your visual arts work. Curatorial Rationale (Artist Statement) What is a Curatorial Rationale?

The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output.

Writing a curatorial statement: A well-written curatorial statement is your chance to guide the way the audience perceives your exhibition. It represents an.

IB MUSIC compositions. North HS offers standard and higher level Music Appreciation. Students begin the composition process during the SL class, and expand and complete their original compositions for their HL Composition Portfolio.

Artist statement for ib hl
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