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Interconnect delay between a driver pin and a load pin. Do you think even in that case you can use the same WLM for a particular net which is crossing the hierarchical boundaries? It may return a single number return 5.

This particular post is inspired by a question asked by Lalit. Just to solve this problem, Vendors usually supplies multiple WLMs. Or it may pick a single value from a set of possible values which is still just a Book 4a ans value.

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Let me ask you one question. The slope is the extrapolation slop to be used for data points that are not specified in the fan-out length table. By consensus, a return value of 0 means success, and a positive return value means failure. As per the stage you are using this, you can use different ways to calculate these Delay.

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Since timing-driven placement plausibly makes nets on critical paths shorter than average, some optimism may be incorporated into the WLM.

Second, when a return statement is reached in a function, the function returns back to the caller immediately at that point. Provided that where such dependant is a person with severe disability, the provisions of this sub-section shall have effect as if for the words "seventy-five thousand rupees", the words "one hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees" had been substituted.

Sometime you require accurate numbers and sometime approximate numbers are also sufficient.


Why return a value back to the operating system? Any low level WLM is ignored. Statistical WLMs Are based on averages over many similar designs using the same or similar physical libraries.

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Now in a circuit there are 2 major type of Delay. If the death of the dependant occurs before that of the assessee, the amount in the scheme is returned to the individual and is taxable in his hands in the year that it is received.

4 — A first look at functions and return values

Other functions return a calculated or selected value. For all the nets with a particular fanout, the number of nets with a given capacitance is plotted as a histogram.

And Frankly speaking I am not able to resist myself to write a blog on this. A function can only return a single value back to the caller. This is why main is defined as int main. Consequently, the compiler will flag this as an error.

If we want to estimate the values at fanouts in the gaps e. The only exception to this rule is for function mainwhich will assume a return value of 0 if one is not explicitly provided.

Some functions use return values as status codes, to indicate whether they succeeded or failed. Therefore, returnNothing is given a void return type.


Any additional code in the function is ignored. Consider the design as it has no hierocracy and use the WLM for the top module to calculate delays for all modules. The function may, however, use any logic at its disposal to determine which specific value to return.

May be you all become confuse, so let me give you few details. Death of the dependant occurs before that of the assessee: What if your design is hierarchical? WLM analysis has three modes: It depends at what stage you require this information with in the design.

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