Change in government in europe from

Governments also expanded their record-keeping functions, replacing church officials. All the educational systems vigorously pushed nationalism in their history and literature courses.

Most European governments ran all or part of the railroad system and set up telephone services as part of postal operations.

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. All these measures were limited in scope, providing modest benefits at best, but they marked the beginnings of a full-fledged welfare state. Britain enacted a major welfare insurance scheme under a Liberal administration inand in it became the first country to institute state-run unemployment insurance.

Other functionaries carefully patrolled borders, requiring passports for entry. Education was seen as essential to provide basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. They tried to standardize language, as against minority dialects and languages opposing Polish in Germany, for example, or Breton in France.

The growth of government, and the explosion of its range of services, was reflected in the rapid expansion of state bureaucracies. There is a much smaller class of practitioners who are viewed by clients as rare, highly cherished resources.

That is, they are considered adequate in their role—delivering what is expected of someone performing the responsibilities they have been assigned.

Austria and Scandinavia imitated the German system, while the French and Italian governments established somewhat more voluntary programs. Central governments inspected food-processing facilities and housing. He works with strategic leaders and seasoned change agents throughout the world, helping them understand the challenges and opportunities they face during transformational change.

State-run secondary schools, designed to train aspiring bureaucratsslowly increased their output of graduates.

They are thought of as particularly capable when it comes to navigating change and are, therefore, extremely influential when offering observations and recommendations.

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Join change management colleagues to: Taxation increased as well, and just before the outbreak of war inseveral nations installed income tax provisions to provide additional revenue. Quietly, amid many national variants, a new kind of state was constructed during the late 19th century, with far more elaborate and intimate contacts with the citizenry than ever before in European history.Government in Europe changed a lot from Government changed from an organized system sharing land called feudalism, to absolutism: governing from the divine right of kings to enlightened absolutism all the way to the French Revolution.

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History of Europe - Changes in government functions: Shifts in the political spectrum and larger issues of industrial society prompted important changes in government functions through the second half of the 19th century.

Mass education headed the list. Building on earlier precedents, most governments in western Europe established universal public .

Change in government in europe from
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