Christmas has lost its meaning

Have We Lost the True Meaning of Christmas?

After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, but is that what Christmas is really about? People and our relationships with them. No one has said anything to me.

We Iranians celebrate the feast of longest night and I personally look at christmas as the western variant of the same tradition and celebrate it mainly for childrens sake. His main enemies were religious politicians. Ignoring its religious significance and beauty, Christmas is only a party day to a lot of people.

Christmas has lost its meaning

Anyone who expects expensive presents is just as bad. But, I would not stand for it now. I wish the younger generation would do more than what the previous generation did to educate, cultivate and preserve Christmas as it truly is I am not a religious person but I know the reasons behind the celebration.

In a multi racial country, Christmas is visiting friends to celebrate. Though Christmas is a religious festival above all else, I feel that dropping the traditional aspects of the tree and other things would somehow rob this festival of its soul.

Has Christmas lost its religious meaning?

So then we cannot say that Christmas has lost its meaning. The continual cycle of life and death. Although there are those who have been tempted to launch a Christian fatwa against the manufacturers of Easter bunny cards. However, if you mean have we forgotten that Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family then no.

Alan Tranter Try working over Christmas. M Irfan, UK If you are a Christian and you are saying that we should be thinking about Jesus at Christmas above all else, then surely you are excluding all non-Christians from the celebrations, which is hardly a charitable act at a time of good will such as this.

Why on earth we spend so much time and money preparing for this non-event is beyond me.

We've lost meaning of Christmas beneath the glitz, warns David Blunkett

Negassi, Ethiopia Being a Hindu, I might not be able to really get into religious nature of this holiday but, I think Christmas to me is time to celebrate and cherish all good that we have in our life and be thankful for it.

We need something to lighten up our lives. The radical gospel of Jesus Christ is as or more relevant now than ever before.

The cards we have sent out say "Christmas greetings" and depict a scene of snow and reindeer. Christmas has lost its religious meaning as the world around us is developing faster. And how, by focusing on the religious aspects of Christmas, will Christians be excluding non-Christians from festivities, Mr Cooper above?

Merry Christmas to one and all. To add in two thousand year old folklore really denigrates the ability of the human spirit, by itself, to attain true beauty.

Read your Bible, the first two chapters of Luke to see what happened! Now, what was the problem? Homayoun Vahdani, Germany Ten years ago, Christmas decorations would not have been seen anywhere in the Muslim areas of Lebanon but today your listeners would find surprising the mixture of both Ramadan and Christmas lighting decorations along the main street of Hamra in the main Muslim street in Beirut.


It is nothing to do with Jesus, as according to facts and figures, he was born in summer. Merry Christmas and all the best for the year ! Unfortunately the noise, bright lights and ringing cash registers make the message, difficult to see and hear. Christmas for them can be a horrible time.

Every year I say I wont continue to celebrate Christmas in such a consumerist way Gayle Sansum, England For those of us who are celebrating the birth of Christ, Christmas has more meaning each time we celebrate it.

Apparently it offended people. Should people not reflect on the fact that Jesus is the only person in history whose birthday is remembered years after years by millions of people?

It is a time to pause, reflect, and rebuild. All these Muslims, Jews and others who join in the Christmas celebrations are deluded.

Still plenty of options for a more traditional celebration. The word "party" has become loathsome. Bring back Christmas the way it used to be and never forget that Christ died for us.

At such a time of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ?Christmas isn’t Christmas without presents. You have to find out what your relatives want and get them what is the most cost effective and fair to get for everyone. You can’t buy one cousin an Xbox and the other a movie ticket.

Christmas has lost its meaning. People are more and more getting attracted to the commercial aspect of Christmas (shopping) than the religious aspect of it.

David Blunkett has warned that Christmas has become so commercialised it has lost its true meaning Saying we should be ‘counting our blessings’ rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, he urged families to relearn the ‘true spirit of Christmas’ by inviting less fortunate into their homes.

The true meaning of Christmas goes all the way back to biblical times because it is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

Plastic Santas and tacky decorations may be cute, but they take away from the importance of this sacred day. I think Christmas has lost its religious meaning. Christmas is meant to be a time where family's get together and share their love together, where children act out the nativity play and people go to a christingles to remember the whole meaning of Christmas.

Christmas has lost its meaning because we have been forced into a so-called multi-cultural society which has swamped the meaning of being British and Christian. Nigel MacDonald, Spain Jesus Christ was probably not even born in December.

Christmas has lost its meaning
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