Compare and contrast of ancient greece and ancient china

He did attempt to advance deeper into Asia beyond Pakistan, but failed to completely pass the high mountains over there, and turned back from eastern Pakistan when his soldiers mutinied.

Each of these philosophers significantly contributed to the development of their respective civilizations and beyond, with lasting influence even to this day. The image below highlights the Greek Empire at its peak under Alexander the Great. As I mentioned above, this also is attributed in the tendency of focusing on the relationship in complex and interconnected field.

Also apparently they are contextualized civilization. For example, both developed with empire. It is too simply for them. The achievements of ancient Greek and Chinese from years or more before are remarkably different.

Yet, there were some cases, though rarely, people climbed up the ladder of social hierarchy. They believe that, for example, the surface of ears and internal organs are related each other. Stay tuned for more comparisons of China vs.

China was, except for the Warring States Period a time when there was no one king and many states battled for superiorityalways governed by a monarchy. In contrast, the Chinese Empire lasted for some 2, years after the death of the First Emperor, thanks, largely, to the solid foundation he laid.

This was not readily acceptable in China.

Unless you comprehend that other is better than mine, like the statement or affairs of others are superior to mine, you never try to persuade of me. He was annoyed at hearing bad arguments. Discussion History is written by real leaders, not by "We the People" aka "the indistinguishable"!

It is related to the value of identities. The great inventions of scientific discoveries can be attributed in the discovery of the nature itself.

On the other hand, in order to a corrupt society, Greek must make the categories to apply rules. In conclusion, there are three differences between Ancient Greek and Chinese.

Then they have not taken the categorizing in their societies. He burned books, killed scholars, and forced his subjects to work on building things like the Great wall of China and the Terracotta Army for his tomb. At first, Ancient Chinese were not helpful as Ancient Greek were in the development of science.

A very few years thereafter, he died too early at age Secondly, Ancient Chinese and Greek have different idea in medicine. An advantage in the monarchy was that all of the country was unified and would not fight against itself as much.

Sometime in the Qin dynasty to B. As a result, 14 years later, we are still over there and Iraq is much worse off than its days under Saddam, with no end in sight. In China, a man named Cai Lun invented paper around A.

Ancient Greek supported making the category, but Chinese were not interested in it. In addition what are the causes of these differences. English Nov 5, They sometimes relied on military force and legal statements.

Archimedes is also credited with inventing the odometer and a form of pulley called the block-and-tackle.

Differences of Ancient Greek and Chinese

On the other hand, Greek did not believe in those relationships. In political view, China built a strongly centralized bureaucratic system which is strongly supported by hierarchy and obedience.

In Greece, Archimedes developed the water screw, which was a pump that used a turning spiral inside of a tube to move water. First is scientific development in order to the understanding of the subject and object. It is not understandable for Chinese that to remove or disease the part of malfunctioning is beneficial.Dec 09,  · Re: Compare/Contrast ancient Greece and China I think that the Byzantine Empire can be considered quite a high point for the Greeks, to be honest.

Given the time, the Romans had screwed things up royally while the Greeks carried on the baton of classical civilisation. Oct 27,  · Greece and China were two of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world.

This paper discusses some the similarities and differences between the two civilizations. One of the big differences between China and Greece was system of government.

During the time of the Minoans and Mycenaeans, Greece was governed. To compare China with the West historically, let's go all the way back to Ancient Greece, the first civilization in Europe, and compare it with Ancient China. 1. Overview.

Compare and Contrast : Classical Greece and China Essay Sample

The image below highlights Ancient Greece and Ancient China in timelines. Specifically, let's focus on four aspects: Ancient philosophers: the Greeks vs.

the Chinese. Compare and Contrast: Classical Greece and China Essay Sample. The civilization of classical Greece and China has a lot to compare and contrast.

Ancient Greek's political approach shares some similarities with the Confucianism of China in a sense. However, Ancient China and Ancient Greece were vastly dissimilar.

The basic ideas of both civilizations that I learned in the class are those. Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece Ancient China and Ancient Greece were two vastly different civilizations with different cultures; they shared a multitude of similar political, economic, and philosophical achievements while also inholding multiple differences.

Compare and contrast of ancient greece and ancient china
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