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Achilles ambition was for the revenge of his long lost friend Pectrolacis. Finally, both of these characters interact with supernatural beings, who liven up the story, and make it more appealing to the reader. His strength is unmatched by anyone else and is superior to any other warrior.

All he wants is blood. The treasures he does not keep for himself, he collects those given to him as trophies, but always gives some to his king as to pay a tribute to him.

Beowulf and Achilles

When visiting other lands, he is well respected and is also hospitable to them as they are to him. A difference between Beowulf and Achilles was there supernatural powers. Achilles is famous being a demigod. Achilles was mad at Hector for what he did to his friend, and he felt as if it was his fault Hector killed Patroclus and because of this he pretty much made him fight him.

Comparison of Achilles from The Illiad and Beowulf from Beowulf

For a brief while your strength is in bloom but it fades quickly; and soon there will follow illness or the sword to lay you low, or a sudden fire or surge of water or jabbing blade or javelin from the air or repellent age.

Achilles killed for revenge because Hector had killed his best friend. It is a complicated theme, but fate and free will is present in every book in The Iliad. Beowolf was out to make a proud and reverend name for himself.

He fought the wars his king wanted making him feared for how amazing he was in battle. Beowulf seems to have more ambition than Achilles.

He was trying to get revenge even though it was his fault that he died because he chose not to fight. Both of them had their flaws, but they both did good deeds to help people. Beowulf was always ready for a fight. Although he has to let one man be sacrificed to Grendel, it is for good purpose so he finds a strategy.

His last heroic trait he demonstrates is his self sacrificing. Beowulf was all about protecting the people, doing anything necessary to kill the beasts.

This is not an example of text written by our writers! They both are kind of argent when you come down to it. Beowulf had lots of courage and strength and was able to kill the monster Grendel with his bare hands. Another thing they both have in common is that they both have at least one supernatural parent.

Everything he did was for others. Achilles as well is a good friend. Achilles also is very calm when doing things, even though his emotions control a lot of what he does he makes decisions kind of on the spot.

Ruling for fifty years with a great reign shows the people respect and love him as king. Achilles is one of the main characters of The Iliad and he is a great man. Also they were both supernatural. In another instance he helps his country out by going and fighting the dragon that has been terrorizing the village after someone stole a cup from him.

Beowulf was trying to protect people but it seems like Achilles just kills because he is good at it. Both Beowulf and Achilles have great courage and there were many similarities in how they used it, along with some differences. Each one of them wanted to win for the people they were fighting for.

Beowulf was protecting his people and Achilles fought to avenge his friends death. Now Beowolf had to kill supernatural beings such as grendel, grendels Mother, and a freaking dragon.

Achilles allows it to sink in and gives Priam 11 days to grieve and have his son buried. When They kill their enemies both take the others body or part of the body as a trophy.

Even though Beowulf and Achilles are alike in many ways, they do have their differences. Beowulf slew monsters and the like while Achilles slew humans.Free Essay: Compare and contrast Achilles vs Beowulf The way of the warriors Achilles and Beowulf were two characters that had an amazing power that made his.

Dec 15,  · Beowulf vs. Achilles comparison? I have an idea about this but I need help on an essay comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of the epic heros Beowulf and Achillies (from the Illiad)Status: Resolved.

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Due Friday 9/6. Beowulf and Achilles is very similar in a couple things, for one they .

Comparison contrast essay beowulf achilles
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