Effects of abortion on the father

Experience the joy of knowing you have complete, divine forgiveness. These behaviors often continued long after the abortion. For men this can mean the loss of his role as a father and even a sense of loss of potential future generations.

If possible, consult with a member of the clergy. He went on to say: Men may suffer from a form of sexual dysfunction such as impotency. This is borne out by other studies.

How Abortion Affects American Men

Related to the delay or "masking" of grief responses, we might expect the male to be highly encouraged to go through the process alone, in secret, either in deference to someone he perceives as more deserving of attention, or in deference to a culture which equates the silence response for men, as strength in the face of trauma.

Secondly, men are often taught as children that it is less than manly to show weakness or cry. This change in sexual behaviour may only be known to the man and his partner and may not be consciously connected to the abortion.

The majority of studies on abortion report that relief is the most commonly experienced post-abortion emotional response.

Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion

A male can, over time, come to feel that his historical male role as protector has been violated by his involvement in an abortion, whether he was agreeable to the abortion or not. Of those studies which indicate negative sequelae of abortion in women or their male partnersconscious guilt is most often reported, however mild.

He found that even fewer represented theoretically-based research on the psychological sequelae of abortion in men. Remaining silent Engaging in solitary mourning or "secret" grief Taking physical or legal action Becoming immersed in activity Exhibiting addictive behavior s Simon reports that "Many men report never being asked about their abortion experience, never talking about it until the research interview, and feeling that no one would have understood or cared about their responses Shostak, However, he may not be aware that it could be the root-cause of his problems.

Men are also highly programmed to protect their family. A trusted friend or counselor may help you see things more clearly. This will enable you to move on to the next crucial stage of obtaining that God-given peace within yourself.

Life Issues Institute, W.

Fatherhood lost: how abortion affects men

Instinct drives men to achieve success in five key areas of their lives: How Abortion Affects American Men Little has been researched or written about how abortion affects the fathers of aborted babies. That has proven to be also true with men.

He may be unable to hold a job due to an inability to handle decision making. He may turn to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain of knowing he participated in or was too "weak" to prevent the death of his unborn baby.

Simon looked at earlier research, especially studies done in the s, and saw that while studies did acknowledge negative psychological sequelae of abortion for women, the majority of studies concluded that the negative sequelae of abortion was negligible from a public health perspective.

If you experience an abortion, these key elements of life may be seriously damaged, or often totally obliterated. Make the call today. Almost every woman who has begun the road to recovery after her abortion has given credit to the fact that she returned to, or discovered, her religious faith.

The male may come to regard his sexual feelings and desires as dangerous since they can result in the conception and subsequent abortion of an unwanted child. This need to protect their offspring should not be underestimated. Some become addicted to pornography and masturbation - allowing them to experience sexual gratification while maintaining control.How Abortion Affects American Men - A Psychodynamic-Relational View Michael Simon, a clinical psychotherapist, has written a paper on "Male Partners and the Psychological Sequelæ of Abortion: A Psychodynamic-Relational View." He argues that abortion is a traumatic experience and therefore impacts on both male and female sense of self.

While the residual effects of abortion for women are now widely recognized, the effects on the men remain untold. This article by Vincent M. Rue and Cynthia Tellefsen explain the emotional, psychological and relational effects.

For some fathers out there, Father’s Day is a day of pain—a reminder of an ugly event in their lives: The day their unborn children were aborted. POST ABORTION TRAUMA HEALING SERVICE Breaking the silence - information, hope and healing after abortion: ABOUT The Effects of Abortion on Men, Rue, Vincent, Ethics and Medics 21(4), Abortion from a Father's Perspective.

Abortion affects everyone, and I hear from and meet grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers who have experienced abortion and its’ long-lasting effects, day in and day out.

They have a story.

Abortion can have traumatic effects on the paternal (father) parent as well show more content Many methods of abortions performed in the past; were not only brutal but also fatal, not only for the baby but also for the mother, especially before .

Effects of abortion on the father
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