Essay on why cell phones should be banned from school

This action has initiated the debate, should cell phones be banned in schools? One of the teachers was mistakenly referred to as he rather than she.

In an article in the online magazine "Education," the importance of empowering our students in the information society in which we live was discussed. Study finds handsets cost students equivalent of five extra days each term. Cell phones can be a tool for learning. Banning cellphones in schools would have the same benefit as extending the school year by five days, researchers have claimed.

When he was head of Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, east London, he banned them and said the decision produced immediate benefits. I was amazed when I visited my old school recently: Each year a growing number of high school students have cell phones and smartphones and use them to communicate not only with parents but also as a calculator, dictionary and to take notes.

A recent report by the Scottish government concluded that mobiles were a "frequent and distracting influence", with cyberbullying especially prevalent. Since the policy was introduced, only 1. Debens says her school provides Wi-Fi and portable dongles with Wi-Fi so pupils are not paying for their own study.

Pupils are texting when they should be working; they use social networking sites to bully fellow pupils; and they post pictures of their teachers on YouTube. Several years ago, however, she incorporated smartphones into lessons as she "learned to teach in a different way" — with an emphasis on independent study.

This made them 2 percentage points more likely to pass the required exams at the end of high school, researchers explained.

Current generation smartphones can be used for many things including searching for information, taking notes, reading and replying to emails and organizing a calendar.

The use of mobile operative education is essenti There is, in effect, a policy vacuum, with each school being left to decide best practice.

Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

In terms of the use of technology in schools it is a very debatable topic. They also use mobile internet for independent research.

Jo Debens, a geography teacher at Priory School, Portsmouth, a comprehensive with a mixed intake, was dashing out to take 30 pupils orienteering when we spoke: We would have death by Wikipedia if all people were doing was cutting and pasting from them.

The poll was prompted by a statement by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the new chief inspector of schools and head of Ofsted, that mobiles in schools were disruptive. However, researchers found that strict cellphone policies had little effect on both high-achieving students and year-olds, suggesting that high achievers are less distracted by mobile phones and younger teens own and use phones less often.

Indeed, in May an online poll in the Guardian produced a three-to-one vote in favour of a ban. They even say banning them could see a boost in test scores. A mobile is the same: Today we live in a technological age in which our schools must reflect the need to prepare our young people for the world.

That consensus is that classrooms are for teaching not texting, and if the rules are clear parents will accept temporary confiscation. It would be a shame not to implement the use of these devices in class when it is so important that students have opportunities to improve the 21st century skills they will need in the world outside school.

Now they can," says Debens of using mobiles. In this paper, it will be argued that administrators and teachers should not ban cell phones in schools. They are not the be-all and end-all.

As a result some teachers and administrators support the ban on phones in schools. As one teacher has argued in the Guardian, this is the future: Banning cell phones in schools prevent students from using technology which is very important for success in professional and personal life in the 21st century.

But if we see them in school, we confiscate them. By comparing student exam records and mobile phone policies from toresearchers noted a significant growth in student achievement in classrooms that banned cellphones, with student test scores improving by 6.

Likewise, the ban greatly benefitted special education needs students and those eligible for free school meals, improving exam scores 10 and 12 percent points of a standard deviation respectively.

Fenn has banned pupils from making calls or sending texts on school premises and, according to the Daily Mail, the results in terms of improved behaviour and reduced cyberbullying have been dramatic.

Although cell phones may be useful in the classroom in many ways, on the other hand they can hinder learning when students use the phones to surf social sites, play games or text instead of paying attention to the lesson. Low-achieving students benefited most from the ban, with test scores increasing by Essay on Why Cell Phones Should Be Aloud in School.

overtime and after-school activities, having the ability to communicate with any one of your family member helps bringing families together. Cellphones are convenient – Everybody is. Cell Phones Should Be Banned at School - In my opinion students should not be allowed to use or have any type of electronic communication device during school hours.

Technical devices that students have now are not being used properly or to the function that they were intended for. Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned from School Property Words | 3 Pages. local high school in the United States, they will be sure to see teenage students with their cellular telephones in hand.

One may say the use of cell phones should be banned on school property, however there are many instances in which that may not be the best idea. Banning cell phones from the school premises will only ever have detrimental effects. As long as there is a sensible rule in place, such as ‘Students are required to leave cell phones off and out of sight during school hours’, there is no chance of distractions or of safety hazards because of them.

In this paper, it will be argued that administrators and teachers should not ban cell phones in schools. Defend two claims: first, that the ban on cell phones in schools inhibit the development of 21st century skills, which are technology based; and secondly, that the prohibition of mobile security and prevent student communication.

Banning cellphones in schools would have the same benefit as extending the school year by five days, researchers have claimed. They say the prevalence of phones has become 'distracting and.

Essay on why cell phones should be banned from school
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