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This assumption underlies the concept of the "molecular clock": The 19th-century German biologist G. Entire faunas and floras are often found to be locked in stasis, where the individual species show little or no evolutionary change through time.

The name most often associated with the application of the model of ancestral forms and branchings is of course Charles Darwin, although Darwin did not satisfactorily explain everything involved or all of the implications. In humans, these changes are considered to be Evolution essay question, whereas the Origins archive which looks at the whole hominin evolutionary tree is macroevolution.

Did modern humans breed with other genus types? Has evolution advanced quickly, or slowly? Does it represent curiosity or artistry on the part of the hand-axe makers of Berekhat Ram? The two are heavily inter-related. In the following year I published a longer paper with Stephen Jay Gould, with whom I had worked in graduate school.

This type is often further divided into Northern Mongoloid and Southern Mongoloid, with the latter showing a less marked eye-fold and including southern Chinese and darker-skinned Mongoloid types in Southeast Asia.

The Idea of Evolution

Only later in his life, based on his experiences with variation and his vision of how natural selection works in the natural world, did Darwin reject saltationism for the "phyletic gradualism" [Figure 1] that has come down to us as the standard image of evolution at work.

It is true that isolated populations develop different traditions, but it is also true that they rapidly start to share them when placed back in contact. Then an environmental perturbation such as climate change or an asteroid impact disrupts the ecosystems, and if severe enough, drives many component species to extinction at more or less the same time.

But what about this unexpected stability? What matters is where mutations occur that are inherited by future generations.

Speciation and the Fossil Record

The grooves accentuate the natural shape to suggest a human form which has been drawn as female. We concluded that the most likely cause of stasis is the simple fact that most species are distributed as local populations inhabiting a variety of physical and biotic environments. Do genes show punctuated equilibrium at work?

For those who live in tropical and subtropical regions, the risk of burns, blistering, and the likelihood of death from skin cancer induced by ultraviolet light is dramatically reduced by having dark skin. Change the environment, and you change what the best adaptation is.

Much of what makes us human is cultural, passed from generation to generation by learning.

Five Questions About Evolution that Charles Darwin Can’t Answer

The best assumption when looking at prehistoric forms should therefore be that two similar specimens should be considered to belong to the same species until shown to have more variation between them than is exhibited in a modern population of similar animals, if there is one.

When marine conditions were once again restored, the column species of Phacops was gone. No, because we were bipedal possibly 6 million years ago before we used tools 3 million years ago.

Fossils tell a different story The fossil record indicates otherwise. A population split in half by an uncrossable barrier can over time develop substantial differences between its two parts. There is a revolution occurring among the Darwinians themselves, who cannot answer these five simple questions.Free Essay: Since the beginning of the human race there has been a lingering question as to the origins of man and how all living things acquired their.

This essay will focus on: the early evolution of our eukaryote ancestor during Precambrian period, plastids origin along the algae family due to second endosymbiosis; discuss the evidence that supports the theory, including further examples of endosymbiosis. - The question of how man evolved has been pondered for some time.

Many great. Evolution Discussion Questions. Items listed in gray are not yet available but will be soon. Sample Essay - Week 4: Speciation and the Fossil Record This essay was developed for the AMNH online course Evolution.

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evolution has occurred in the past but no longer is occurring b). Are evolution and "survival of the fittest" the same thing? 9. How does natural selection work? How do organisms evolve? Does evolution prove there is no God?

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Evolution essay question
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