How to write a resume for a school leaver

Also, consider breaking up some of the text with bullet points to make it easier to read. Chances are yours will be more skill based if you do not have a work history.

Resume writing for school leavers

It then should be broken down as follows: If you saved or made the company money with an idea, then why not show off that impressive achievement! Enthusiasm and a keenness to learn are always attractive. Write about your school and if you have done part-time or summer jobs, your work experience.

Check out what skills you may actually have and skills that employers are looking for with Careers New Zealand and look at their useful Skill Matcher tool.

school leaver resume examples

Make sure the sections to your CV are clearly divided with bold headings. Have you seen these? A recruiter wants to have their attention grabbed from the second they pick up a CV, right down to this last section.

According to Frehse "employers want to see examples of leadership or where you have taken initiative by changing something for example putting all the trophies up at the sports club. This section gives you the opportunity to show the employer how passionate you are outside of work or school.

There is nothing wrong with stating this as long as you are able to back it up with evidence in your CV. But regardless of how much information and previous experience you have, you will still be able to create an effective CV that can stand out from the rest.

If you can clearly show statistics that showcase your achievements then do so, but never exaggerate or embellish the truth. In regards to the content of your CV you need to avoid lengthy sentences and paragraphs, and try to keep it brief and to the point.

Share via Email Recruiters spend just 8. Do you like to read science fiction novels? So this is where you need to get creative and think outside the box!

I always look for that something extra, something which shows your personal drive and ambition. What is your favourite and what draws you to these novels? Document your extra curricular activities and hobbies.

Here are some pointers to preparing your great CV Gather your information for your CV Make a list of your skills, and write down examples of how and when you used these skills. Any work experience you may have should also be put in this statement. This is where you can then begin to create your CV.

School leavers CV template

Read the job description and copy the language they use. Careers New Zealand have some useful information on the differences between these, and some templates and examples to help you understand what type may be best for you.

Use a professional font like Helvetica or Times New Roman.A free Microsoft Word school leavers CV template ideal for recent graduates with headings to suit. Download and customise with your info.

File name:; Fonts: AvanteGarde; The 10 essential steps to writing a professional CV 30th August. A resume is a marketing document that sells a product, in this case, the school leaver and so it is important that it includes skills, attributes and strengths as well as previous experience that will appeal to a future employer.

How to write a school leavers CV

Whether you are leaving school or college, you will need to write a CV if you want to land that dream job.

But writing a school leaver CV can be difficult, as it is likely to be the first time you have written one. If you have trouble with this sample resume, contact us at [email protected] If your highest level of study is Year 10 or earlier, and you've had some formal (i.e., paid) work experience, you've already had a chance to develop some of the key skills that employers are looking for.

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Other things you can put on your resume include: Sport or community club participation (if relevant) Hobbies or interests that are relevant to the job or demonstrate your skills; How long should your resume be?

Resume template: Year10/earlier + no work experience

This sample resume is two pages long, but if you have .

How to write a resume for a school leaver
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