How to write a summary of an article 6th grade

The story is loaded with humor and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to find how Percy saves the world. The goal of this resource is to help students sharpen their ability to summarize.

Give specific examples from the book. Dodds suddenly turns in to a horrible monster and attacks Percy. This resource is now included in a large bundle with over differentiated passages.

Instead, I chose a chapter out of our current read aloud: It should include the thesis restated in a different way and a brief summary of the three main points made in the body paragraphs. Some of you will be able to do a little of both.

Second, the nights are very cold, so he needs to find shelter. When talking about the other character include: The last sentence should be persuasive to the main point and should indicate that the essay is coming to an end.

Although the above books are great books to use for this unit, I did not use them for the purpose of summary writing. I did a very brief mini-lesson revisiting mentor texts that we had already used to discuss the problem-solution structure of narratives.

To start, I copied the chapter, passed it out, and gave each student a copy of the above graphic organizer. One for fiction summary writing and another for non-fiction summary writing.

I also ask them to read a summary and identify different issues irrelevant details, opinions, not enough information, retelling events out of order, etc.

Many of the characters in the book come from Ancient Greek myths and are thousands of years old, but the story itself takes place in modern times. After reading the passage, we walked slowly through each of the steps below: There are several important settings in the story.

As you type you will see an evaluation below the second box indicating overlapping language [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

Luke is the son of the Greek god Hermes, but he has gone evil, because he is jealous of all the attention other half-bloods like Percy get.

Write the introduction paragraph. Percy lives in a world where the stories from Greek Mythology are real. Write the conclusion paragraph. Take some time to explore that connection.

They are a free sample from my Summarizing: In addition to practicing with the above mentor texts, we also practiced with differentiated passages from my Summarizing: Differentiated Reading Passages and Questions.

The first paragraph should contain the most important point that you plan to make about the literary work and should give details to support the claim. Once students progress through this resource and become familiar with the summary-writing process, I remove the use of a graphic organizer and ask them to write their own summaries.

Unfortunately, my friends, this is just the beginning. By the time the book starts, Percy has been kicked out of several different schools. This summarizing strategy comes from an older book titled; Responses to Literature.

Write the body paragraphs of the essay. Those authors were on to something! I must say, our summary writing is most definitely a work in progress, but I am proud of the hard work my kids put in so far! We also see a museum in New York, the St. There are also a bunch of dangerous animals in the woods.Writing a literary essay in the sixth grade is a fairly straightforward process that should take only a few hours to complete.

In middle school, students traditionally use the five-paragraph essay format, which is organized as follows: an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Writing about where your story happens takes a few steps. · Start out with the big picture: tell us the name of the country, state, city, or even planet where you book takes place.

Summarizing Worksheets and Activities

· If the place isn’t named, you can just describe the environment (is it mountains, country, city, small town, swamp, desert). Some of you will be able to do a little of both. Self Test: Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism - excellent examples and tests of the right way to quote, paraphrase and summarize; Summarizing - In this lesson you will: review the basics of summarizing, identify main idea statements and detail statements, and use categories to summarize lists. – Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments. – Determine two or more central ideas in a text and analyze their development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary. Once students have mastered writing a GIST using newspaper articles, the strategy is then applied to content area texts to support comprehension and summarizing skills.

back to top FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE. Rhoder, C. (). Mindful reading: Strategy training that facilitates transfer.

Get the GIST: A Summarizing Strategy for Any Content Area

Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 45(6), – We talked about how you can grab words and phrases from the title of the article to make your writing easier. The 1-Hand Summary helps.

I love the format of this 1-hand summary.

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How to write a summary of an article 6th grade
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