Provide support for mobility

It is important to ensure the individual agrees as it is important they are willing to participate in order for the programme to work.

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For example the plan of care advises two carers assist the individual Provide support for mobility move with the aid of a hoist, where you feel one carer would be sufficient as the individual is able and willing to use a transfer board, because their mobility had improved.

It could also take place as a group or as an individual. This is necessary as the physiotherapist will need to review what progress the individual is making, so that the exercise programme can be adjusted as and when needed.

It is important to monitor and regularly check how an individual is progressing when using any type of mobility appliance or equipment. Maintaining and improving mobility helps the body keep healthy.

Outcome 2 Question 2 It is important to remove any hazards in the area before beginning a mobility activity to reduce the risk of injury to both the service user and yourself, you would do this by visually inspecting the area for any hazards eg electrical wires and move them out of the way in a safe and caring manner.

Usually any equipment to be used will be recommended by a professional such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, who will ensure the individual can used the aid correctly and safely.

An example would be to encourage their participation in household activities You should identify and agree with the individual the best way for them to maintain their mobility and any preferences to the form of exercise they prefer.

The service user has arthritis in his knees, the carer discusses with the service user the importance of going for his walk which will help him feel less stiff and feel good in himself and reassures him that they would just keep to the recommended length of time 2.

This is to ensure the health and safety of the individual and yourself and prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring.

Quadrupeds and tripods — for individuals who have difficulty walking on one particular leg Quadrupeds are for individuals with very poor mobility in one leg such as hip r knee degeneration or stroke. Always report this if the individual is suffering pain or discomfort during the activity.

It is important that an individual agrees with the activity and also cooperates in it otherwise the activity will not take place or benefit them. It also improves sleep and burns calories to keep our weight balanced.

If an individual has been using mobility equipment or appliance for support, whilst recovering from an injury or illness, it is important to encourage them to manage without it, before they become too dependent on it.

Provide Support for Mobility

You should encourage them to stretch just a little more or try one more repetition, providing it is following the set plan of care. If you observe the individual having difficulties or improvements in their mobility, if the individual complains of pain or suffers the loss of confidence in a particular technique, it is important to report and record this.

The carer explains how this is not possible as in line with his care plan it would be safer to walk with his walking frame as this would give him the support he needed particularly as he was a little unsteady on his feet.

The carer then repeats this sequence with the service user, the carer gives the service user praise. You need to carry out a risk assessment in relation to both the activity and the individual. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Never be tempted to change the exercise activity which a physiotherapist has recommended, because an individual finds it easier as this could cause further mobility problems or pain. Multiple Sclerosis can affect a number of functions that would ultimately affect mobility, changes in vision could make it difficult to navigate an space safely and effectively, where muscle weakness would make it more difficult to walk.

Outcome 3 Question 1 By having the service user actively participate in a mobility activity they will feel that they are helping themselves more than what they could without your assistance, you would do this with the use of verbal prompts, and tell them how well they are doing.

This will increase their confidence and affect how well the individual carries out the activity. The carer also reminds the service user that he could stop and rest briefly at any time he wished to. It also improves mental health, helps prevent depression and helps to promote or maintain positive self esteem.

The carer then asks the service user to take a step forward with her other foot and this time place her foot past where the stick is and then move the walking stick slightly in front again and to the side.

Provide support for mobility Essay Sample

To ensure this is the correct size use the same method as described for the walking stick and again check the ferrules are not worn. More essays like this: It is important to maintain and improve mobility and this can be done through exercise.

Provide Support to Mobility Essay Sample

For example — an individual may be able to transfer themselves from a wheelchair Provide support for mobility a chair either by the use of a transfer board or simply by sing their upper body strength to slide across, once you have removed the wheelchair arm for them. Gentle encouragement, support and discussion will encourage the individual to be more willing to attempt the activity.

You need to carry out an exercise programme exactly as specified in the care plan and record and report the outcomes and any problems at each step. Outcome 4 Question 2 At the end of any call we would fill in the care log sheet listing all activities carried out, this would include and transfers carried out and also any issues we came across.

For example As a carer it may be your role to encourage and monitor how many times an individual is able to squeeze a rubber ball, to strengthen their hand and arm muscles after a stroke.Provide support for mobility (HSC ) Outcome 1 Understand the importance of mobility 1.

define mobility Mobility is defined as, * being able to move or be moved freely and easily * the ability to move physically * The ability to move a part of the body 2. explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility No matter an individuals age, level of disability or.

Unit Provide Support for Mobility Define mobility According to Oxford Dictionary, mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. It can be also described as the quality of moveing freely. Explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility The.

Free Essay: HSC Providing Support with Mobility What Does Mobility Mean? Mobility means, having the ability to move freely around ones environment. What. Technical issue. Trial / Activation / Pre-sales / Privacy / Licensing question. Unit Provide Support for Mobility Unit code: HSC Unit reference number: H// QCF level: 2 Credit value: 2 Guided learning hours: 14 Unit summary This unit is aimed at those who work in a wide range of settings.

The unit provides the learner with the knowledge and skills needed to support. Provide support for mobility Essay Sample. The movement of individuals from a particular place or position to another whilst ensuring that their independence is maintained.

Explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility.

Provide support for mobility
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