Raction paper on veneration without understanding

Or is it the way he stood up against the colonizers? He was a martyr to oppression, obscurantism and bigotry. And though his heroism amounted to being recognized for all time, we cannot say that his ideas should be the yardstick of our aspirations that despite the fact that he is a Filipino we can be proud of, we should not consider him as the whole basis or determinant of our national goals.

After all, he is still a human being vulnerable to selfish mistakes and wrong decisions. We should examine not only their strengths but also their weaknesses in order to learn their way correctly.

Veneration Without Understanding: Analysis

This is a disservice to the event, to the man, and to ourselves. An Analysis for Jose Rizal Are you with me??. In fact, when he was arrested he was on his way to Cuba to use his medical skills in the service of Spain. Or is it because he had enough courage to fight a losing battle, despite the fact that all he wanted to do was to surrender?

He believed, freedom was something to be awarded to us by oppressors. This calls for an evolution of heroism within us.

Veneration without Understanding

Pardo de Tavera b. He true hero is one with the masses: I just took it for what it is, the same way mint from before took the earth to be flat. On all points, I agree with Mr. How to Write a Summary of an Article?

Veneration Without Understanding Essay

I still give him the credit on innovating revolution. Reading his essay made me think about what really makes a hero. And in the manifesto of December 15, which he addressed to the Filipino people, he declared: Rather, he is just trying to inculcate how important is the necessity of looking into a much deeper sense, the attributes of a real and true hero the factors that should be considered so as to call someone, a hero.

It is a much deeper analysis of the real story behind his being a national hero, the aspects that contributed to such recognition, his condemnation of the revolution, and other factors which are not reflected on history books - factors which we fail to converse over the years.

We should examine not only their strengths but also their weaknesses in order to learn their way correctly. This simply means that there are many paths in arriving towards the goal we seek just like Rizal who found a bloodless way in informing our brothers and sisters about the hell they been forced to live in.

When later, against my advice, the movement materialized, of my own accord I offered my good offices, but my very life, and even my name, to be used in whatever way might seem best, toward stifling the rebellion; for convinced of the ills which it would bring, I considered myself fortunate if, at any sacrifice, I could prevent such useless misfortune….

In our case, our national hero was not the leader of our Revolution.

I abhor its criminal methods and disclaim all part in it, pitying from the bottom of my heart the unwary that have been deceived into taking part in it.Reaction Paper: Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino Constantino was correct in calling for a review of the approach to Philippine history by predecessors.

History has distorted the meaning of nationalism, as such that changing the name of the inhabitants of this archipelago from "Filipino" to "Maharlika" was. Veneration without understanding by Renato Constantino, the article that I have read regarding to our national hero Dr.

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Search Results for 'reaction paper about veneration without understanding' Reaction Paper On Veneration Without Understanding By Constantino In the Governor of the so-called Philippines, William Howard Taft suggested to the Philippine Commission that we so-called Filipinos be given a national hero.

Veneration Without Understanding. Dr - Veneration Without Understanding introduction. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda, our national hero who is known for his nationalism and patriotism usually come side by side with these words; the doctor, the writer, the philosopher, the clairvoyant, and most of all the hero who died.

Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino (from Dissent and Counter-Consciousness (Quezon City: Malaya Books, Inc., ) In the histories of many nations, the national revolution represents a peak of achievement to which the minds of man return time and again in reverence and for a renewal of faith in freedom.

Raction paper on veneration without understanding
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