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Questionnaire has been prepared for collecting data of the socio economic conditions of 52 loanees were Role of micro finance essay observed personally during research period. These factors may be abilities, environment, initiative, and status of women as group.

The basic idea is to empower women by providing them financial assistance and allowing them to earn an independent income, contribute financially to their household and generate self-employment.

Women constitute a vast majority of users of micro-credit and savings services.

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Each branch will select villages initially within a radius of 10 km of the branch. There are some limitations which I faced at the time of making this study are given below: The major problem of rural development scheme include a instability of rural development institution b inefficient and corrupt leadership c abuse of local govt.

If the loan are routed through the women benefits of loan spread among the household. They are happy with the services of microfinance and improve the poverty in Agra region. Besides, for getting loan from rural development scheme, first of all a group of five members has to be performed and fill the application form.

Secondary data is collected from various sources like journals, books, magazines and reports. The most important benefit of microfinance in India is that it helps long-term financial independence in these poverty-stricken areas.

Micro finance refers to small scale financial services provided to low-income clients. Impact studies of micro credit programs have substantiated the important role of credit in the economic development process of Bangladesh.

Poor women are characterised by lack of education and access the resources, both of which is required to work way on the poverty and for upward economic and mobility.

Grameen bank has reversed conventional banking practices by removing the need for collateral and created a banking system based on mutual trust,accountability, participation and creativity. This study is mainly based on secondary data only. The key elements of rural development scheme are a Poverty alleviation and raising the living standard of rural poor b equitable distribution of income and wealth c to enhance the self-employment and income generating activities of the rural people.

Poor people do not live in a static state of poverty. The level of education of the clients is low. The 2nd chapter includes review of literature.

From time to time the activities MFIs reveal what is microfinance? For the transportation problem, supervision of loanees that is whether the loanees use the loan amount properly or not very difficult for the field officer. Micro-finance for the poor and the women has received as a strategy for poverty reduction and for economic empowerment.

The last chapter contains reference and appendexes. Following are some challenges faced by MFIs in providing microfinance for a sustainable development: Microfinance is regarded as a tool for socio-economic up-liftment in a developing country like India. These two factors have become the most challenging roadblock in the path of sustainable development of the country.

In developing countries like India micro finance is playing an important role, promoting gender equality and is helping in empowering women so that they can live quality life with dignity. It clearly shows that the poor can be dependable clients and institution that service them to right do good business.

At present, a large part of micro finance activity is confined to credit only. Alsothe government assisted in mobilizing fund from formal financial institutions to meet the larger credit needs of these organisations.

Consequently, providing access to micro finance facilities is not considered a pre-condition for poverty alleviation, but also considered as a strategy for empowering women. After getting loan they cannot properly utilize their loan because of their illiteracy and lack of training.Essay: Microfinance and MFIs From the time of independence unemployment and poverty has been two major characteristics and challenges of India.

The major cause for the above two has been the unavailability of sufficient credit facilities for the poor and unemployed. With respect to microfinance, Bangladesh is an excellent example initially microfinance acquired help of Bangladesh Bank and commercial banks to provide support to the 'Grameen Project' and made groups consisted over five individuals for the repayments, all these groups by keeping view of males and females in one group, come together weekly to informed their approach for the repayments to other groups.

Micro-finance has not only generated enormous hope for the poor people in many developing countries but also played a vital role in natural disasters affected areas. In this paper, the roles of micro-finance in mitigating the impacts of natural disasters are illustrated.

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A Micro-Finance Institution (MFI) is an organization that provides micro-finance services, ranging from small non-profit organizations to large commercial banks. Micro - finance is the provision of financial services like insurance, savings, transfer services, loans and other financial products targeted at.

Micro finance through Self Help Group (SHG) is a powerful and suitable way of reaching financial assistance to the people directly for rural development. Empowerment of women is the main aim of microfinance, which leads to sustainable development of the nation. In this paper, the role of Microfinance in women’s empowerment is considered.

For this study the following objectives have been framed. essay: introduction of micro-finance The word ” micro” literally means small and finance also mean investment or support, therefore microfinance can be define literally as small investment and support.

Role of micro finance essay
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