Service blueprint of airlines

Increase customer participation Customer participation should not be confused with customer contact. In order to identify potential solutions to operating problems, the analyst must examine the service process and consider the factors that are likely to cause the problem.

Service blueprint

However, replacing technologies for humans contributes to inflexibility of service processes and may ultimately lead to fewer opportunities to differentiate a service offering in the marketplace.

Increased complexity is the service-product development option i. Eliminate Loop-Backs In manufacturing, a loopback occurs when work is returned to a previous step for further processing.

When employees were absent, substitutes sometimes found it hard to figure out where files were stored, so the process of retrieving files was delayed. If loop-backs present a problem, management can assist employees to clarify roles and tasks by focusing on their place within the overall service process.

Failures due to lack of resources may require short-term solutions to alleviate the immediate problem while long-term solutions including resource acquisition can be pursued.

In many organisations employees chose their own systems for storing files. Managing a broader array of products may also expose the firm to risks of spreading its effort too thin to the detriment of overall service quality.

Isolate the technical core — Deviations can also be reduced by decoupling the technical core from other aspects of the service system. For the analyst, there is a constant trade off between improved operational efficiency and customised delivery.

Alternatively, service provider failures may be caused by mismanagement. The level of customer participation varies from providing simple information to the service provider, to joint-production with the assistance of service staff, to instances where the customer is the sole producer i.

Finally, failures can be caused by customers who do not understand the process and do not know what they should be doing.

Standards may include specifying the scripts for a technically correct performance, prescribing a uniform or dress code for employees, codifying operating procedures. Reducing divergence typically requires substituting equipment for labour, involving customers in self-service and introducing standardised operating procedures.

It is possible that the service provider did not utilise resources in a way that best serves the customers needs. Failures attributable to customers are often due to misinformation. Segregate Complexity Anyone who has stood in line at a bank while a single teller assisted a customer with a lengthy transaction understands this principle.

However, it should be noted that gains in operational efficiency achieved through standardization usually involve sacrificing flexibility and customisation.

This approach is typically characterised by simplification of tasks, clear division of labour and low levels of employee latitude.BA is a one of the most prestigious airlines worldwide and its services are very high standard. but Harford said that the cabins. cre ate the value to the customer.

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Medical Tourism. The service blueprint is a technique originally used for service design and innovation, but has also found applications in diagnosing problems with operational efficiency. The technique was first described by G.

Lynn Shostack, a bank executive, in the Harvard Business Review in This service is already in use within some airports but not promoted by any specific airlines. Therefore, as first provider of these services it will create a better image for the company, add some extra financial benefits and, which is 5/5(3).

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3 Comments 7 Likes Service blueprint on airline industry Shikha Sinha. Eureka Forbes Group 3 iamin Flower Of Service (Jet Airways) iamin Jet Airways. The results indicated that airports are multifunction service center that offer a large range of services to airlines and their passengers, airports and airlines are highly interdependent.

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Service blueprint of airlines
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