Sparta infrastructure social structure and superstructure essay

Spartan social structure Native Spartans. I mean what member of the upper class would allow their slaves such freedom, its ridiculous, we would have punished those slaves till they respected us as their rightful masters, no revolt of that kind would happen on our soil.

The Peloponnesian War B. The Spartiates Proper the full citizens of Sparta The full citizens of Sparta, the Spartiates Proper were few in number but high in status.

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While we have lots of additional information on the helot class its worth explaining their place in the social rankings of the Spartan society. Change from individual combats to the phalanx, and increase of commoners in the military.

Athenian democracy was in proportion to Athenian naval power. End of Greek dominance of the Mediterranean s, came under Macedonian rule.

Decisive for eventual Greek victory over the Persians and decided Athenian leadership power among the Greek city-states. On the other hand, historical accounts described Pericles as an uncoruptible man who used his own money for public purposes.

Council thirty years and over men: Five men council with ultimate authority and veto power. A Spartan officer and Spartiate proper The Perioeci the second class citizens The Perioeci were essentially the second class citizens of Sparta, free men and women but non citizens of the state of Sparta.

Pericles stood out, however, as the center of Athenian politics around whom everything revolved. First, it was the people who rose up and expelled the tyrant Isagoras, who made himself Athenian leader backed by Spartan forces, and made it possible for Cleisthenes to come back from exile and come to power.

Wealth, social polarization, and reform Stark contrast between the wealthy olive farmers and the poor wheat farmers B. The Spartan people or the Lacedaemonians as they would also be known divided their social structure into three basic classes.

Athens was a commercial city; its trade and increasing military leadership in the Greek world transformed it from a monarchy to a proto-democracy. Foreigners who served in commerce.

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Able to vote on political matters, own Helots and have their land farmed for them, the Spartiates Proper would not partake in manual labour unless they desired and even if they did it would likely be frowned upon. Freed many Athenians from slavery. Sparta was an agricultural society bent on military expansion to crush any possible invaders of its farmland.

The Peloponnesian Warfirst phase. His numerous public projects, including the building of the Parthenon, and many other ways to put the people on the public payroll, reminds one of modern machine politics when bosses of political parties used various means to get people to vote for their candidates.

Assembly of all Spartan males: It is worthy of note that despite his extreme democracy, Cleisthenes did not do away with the Areopagus or the Archons, representations of elite rule.

Debated and set legislative and foreign policy, and was the supreme criminal court. Therefore even if Cleisthenes might not have wanted to rely on the people earlier, he now realized the power of the people was perhaps the most effective way to deter the coming back of the tyrants.

The Perioeci were afforded the luxury of free movement in Sparta and outside of the state also. The helots would resent this rule, having multiple uprisings but their treatment for state owned serfs was generally considered to be better than most.

Elected archons aristocratic background, one year terms. Battle of Salamis BC. His goals seemed to be to prevent social unrest from a confrontation between the people and the aristocracy through power sharing, and to maintain a collective identity of the aristocrats, preventing any single one of them from usurping the power of other aristocrats.

The Spartiates Proper were essentially the upper class of ancient Sparta, but their life while better than Perioeci and the helots, was not the same as the upper class of ancient Greece.

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The latter selected all public officials except for the military generals. Messenean revolt BC that almost destroyed Sparta. Council ofselected by lot, all executive and administrative control open to all over By allowing them institutionalized political participation, Cleisthenes was catering to their demand.In Spartan Service: September Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Chestnut Road East Lansing, MI () View map | E-mail us Quick links.

Spartan culture is a great example of how a society’s infrastructure will directly affect both, its social structure and superstructure. It also serves as a warning that any society that becomes too rigid in its structure and too static in its values will not last long when confronted with more agile and adaptable cultures.

Athenian democracy was in proportion to Athenian naval power. Pericles became the rallying point of Athenian politics. The democracy under Pericles continued extension of privileges to the commoners, as more and more of them joined the navy in Greek battles against Sparta during the Peloponnesian War.

Why was the Sparta social structure. Apr 15,  · A distinction is made between a superstructure and an infrastructure, and the theory means that developments in the super-structure are to be explained at least in general line by reference to the infrastructure: in any given historical society the superstructure is a reflection of the degree of development of, and of the tensions Status: Resolved.

Sparta: Infrastructure, Social Structure, and Superstructure - Spartan culture is a great example of how a society’s infrastructure will directly affect both, its.

Economic and Social Infrastructure. Print Reference care market does not, in practice, function according to the theory of perfect competition- an ideal form of market structure where there are large number of buyers and sellers, no barriers to entry and exit, no significant economies of scale, no product differentiation, no externalities.

Sparta infrastructure social structure and superstructure essay
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