Teacher and national junior honor

National Junior Honor Society

General Membership meetings will begin at 8: What does an exemplary NJHS candidate look like? This is an average so it is acceptable to get service hours in a lump ten hours one month will cover a member for three months. This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit.

These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, character and citizenship for NJHS.

To become a member of the NHS, a teacher needs to write a recommendation letter for the student that describes how the student demonstrates each of the pillars.

Once a member, a student is encouraged to continue excelling by being active in his school and community. Each student will also select their own service projects each nine weeks that best reflect their personal interests. Clary in room However, completion of the minimum is not an excuse for not continuing service throughout the year.

The four pillars of the NHS are character, scholarship, leadership and service. Maddie Nissen First Vice President: Students will then fill out the information sheet to give examples of their accomplishments in the remaining areas of leadership, service, character, and citizenship. In the second phase the teachers evaluate the student in the four areas: If you know someone who deserves to be in the NHS, a recommendation letter for the student is in order.

This is a great link to meeting reminders and service opportunities. Membership Requirements Membership is based on high academic achievement and teacher recommendations.

NJHS members should check the board every week to see what is going on in the club. They will need to fill out a Student Activity form and return it to Mr.

Gabrielle Trevino Second Vice President: Other than that, the activities are up to the NJHS members. Students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3. End the letter with your signature. General Meetings The meetings for the school year will be on the first Friday of most months.

Here you will find a lot of great information that explains the National Junior Honor Society, requirements of candidates and members, important dates, and printable forms.

At SJMS, in accordance with national standards set by NJHS, students will first qualify for an invitation through their demonstration of success in the area of scholarship.

Click here to access the Service Hour log. What is National Junior Honor Society? The induction for new members is usually held in April 7th and 8th grade students who have a 90 or above average will receive a letter in February.

For example, you might end with a sentence stating that you enthusiastically or without reservation recommend the student to be a valuable addition and asset to the NHS. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in You should work hard every day in school because as a 7th grade inductee, you will qualify in the area of scholarship based on your grades in 6th grade!

That means, students in 7th or 8th grade with a cumulative GPA of 3. As a group we will participate in activities such as, but not limited to, walk-a-thons to raise money for cancer research; provided hygiene supplies to pantries; and hold car washes to raise money for charity.

Some chapters of the NHS ask that you rank a student based on her leadership skills and character, while other chapters also want information about how dependable, motivated, honest, courteous and resourceful a student is.

They will precede the general meetings.NATIONAL JUNIOR Be a teacher assistant at your lo- Work at local food bank or shel-REDMOND MIDDLE SCHOOL Benefits of National Junior Honor Society Participate in various fundrais-Become involved with your school and community.

Contribute in a meaningful way to helping others.

National Junior Honor Society. Service Record Form Click here to access the Service Hour log. Sponsor: The NJHS faculty sponsor is Mr. Jeff Clary who is an 8th grade science teacher. Feel free to contact me with any questions. [email protected] Email List Calling all NJHS members and families!

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for National Honor Society

It is Mr. Clary's goal to send periodic email. The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.

A local Anthony School chapter of National Junior Honor Society was established inthanks to the efforts of Mrs. Sonni Runnells, who was a middle school social studies teacher at TAS at that time. National Junior Honor Society Welcome to the Jackman Scholars NJHS website.

Here you will find a lot of great information that explains the National Junior Honor Society, requirements of candidates and members, important dates, and printable forms. National Junior Honor Society. BIHS "TEACHER HELP DAY" at the Intermediate High School. Monday, August Report to Room NJHS students who are interested in volunteering & earning service hours should email Mrs.

Taoufik. [email protected]

Teacher and national junior honor
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