The coldest winter ever by sister souljah essay

However, even if Winter swindles and robs those who help her, in some way, Winter still remains to be a sensitive and kind young woman. After his incarceration, his wife has no safety net, and she does not have the means to continue making herself attractive.

His girlfriend wanted his money and access to his power.

The Coldest Winter Ever

In conveying her ideas and messages, Sister Souljah intersperses her vulgar and possibly provocative writing style with street lingo and epithets, arming her story with frankness and candor although frequently to the detriment of disciplined writing. Sister Souljah also articulates that violence, drugs and greed destroy the lives of the youth.

In this book, Sister Souljah weaves a story dissenting violence and drugs among the teenager or adolescent African-Americans in the inner city of Brooklyn.

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Her real crush is a different matter: Perhaps the only reason that she wants money and beauty is the access they afford her to power over others. Without her husband, she reduces herself to prostituting herself for drugs and quickly becomes ill.

The story follows her life, first as a pampered child and adolescent of questionable morality. When she discovered this truth, Winter felt anger toward her father for the first time because she pitied her mother. Moreover, because of too many distractions in her life, Winter hardly sees her thin, gaunt mother wired on drugs and her deceiving and unreliable family and friends conspiring to take her life.

Sex is used throughout the novel as a means of currency, power, control, and expression of love. Then they get to say "This time you did it to yourself. Young yet strategic worker for Ricky Santiago. Midnight is perhaps the only character who seems immune to greed and lust, as he "has plans" for living well legally.

But her fascination with appearances, possessions, and money and her participation in the drug trade and the way she used several men directed her towards the wrong path.

In conclusion, people of all ages, particularly the youth can associate themselves with this book because Winter is also a teenager and her story illustrates what happens when somebody yields to temptations that bother the youth of today.

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah Essay Sample

Just like her name, Winter could be as violent as a storm or as picturesque like a serene winter day. This in the voice of Souljah herself, who appears as herself in the book: The greed extends not just to money, but to power and sex as well. She makes herself beautiful enough to be attractive to the wealthiest man, but due to the nature of their society, his skill was not put towards a legal profession and he was removed from the community.

Smart, loyal, and mysterious.Sister Souljah, hip-hop generation best selling author, activist, recording artist, and film producer, is one of the most powerful and meaningful persons speaking to. People like Sister Souljah, and the counselors at The House of Success didn't exist in Winter's world.

Winter couldn't comprehend the reality of normal living, such as going to work, going to school and getting an education.3/5(2). BOOKS. Sister Souljah In this era, there is only 1 meaningful storyteller.

The number 1 author of the only novels that matter. The only novels that. The Coldest Winter Ever is an award-winning novel by Sister Souljah published by Simon and novel has a prequel and a sequel, and is currently being shopped to movie studios to be produced as a film.

Many people are waiting on the release of her first film The Coldest Winter Ever, executive produced by Souljah Story, Jada Pinkett Smith, and HBO.

Souljah is the executive director of Daddy's House Social Programs part of Bad Boy Entertainment. Overrated that’s what I first thought when I finished reading the Coldest Winter Ever by sister souljah.

I thought the book was a let down for all the people thinking they are going to read the greatest novel in urban literature/5.

The coldest winter ever by sister souljah essay
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