The policy of direct subsidy scheme

To parents and students More choices of schools Since DSS schools do not need to join the annual Secondary School Places Allocation SSPAstudents are free to choose any high quality schools and are not restricted by geographical barrier.

This flexible payment scale of the teachers raises the incentives of teachers for better performance. Aided schools receive subsidy from government but are run by voluntary bodies, government operates government schools. There is no doubt that DSS schools got more resources than public and aided schools.

Discrimination opposes the aim of DSS scheme that equal access to resources should be provided to every individual.

The Policy of Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools in Hong Kong Essay

This allows students to have a more diversified range of choices and have a better development in different areas. On the other hand, the lower classes do not receive enough education and they still remain at the grass-root level.

EDB-information for schools http: Better allocation of resources As many of the DSS schools were elite schools in Hong Kong, the higher flexibility in utilizing the resources uphold the quality of these schools and they are likely to reach an even higher standard.

Also, education is not just about academic knowledge, personalities and inter personal skills are vitally important for a comprehensive development of a person. However it may adjust its school fee to a higher level due to the new policy of government to reduce the admission of F.

The power of Principal is too large that the opinions of teachers could not be heard, and there were some complaints from teachers about being forced to join the Language Benchmark Examination. Moreover, the low income groups are less affordable to study in DSS schools, this also results in discrimination against the poor.

After all, at the time of difficulty in s, the introduction of DSS was a great reform in saving private education.

Last but not least, DSS schools are run by various non-government organizations, they can charge school fee but are also subsidized by government.

As a result, students with similar qualities could be grouped and received education according to their ability. It thus poses much burden to the family.

Secondly, more high quality teachers could be recruited with the higher salaries. Although scholarship may help some grass-root students to pursue better chance in DSS schools, the fear of the high school fee may stop those students from applying DSS schools.

Direct Subsidy Scheme

DSS schools are free to design their own curriculum as well as the teaching materials; therefore, they can vary the curriculum and teaching method based on the latest development of Hong Kong.

Committee on Home-School Co-operation.

Joining DSS allows DBS a full autonomy in admission as well as to maximize the freedom in designing and implementing curriculum. Paul Convent School could be promoted to the secondary school more directly.

Some of the private schools receive financial assistance from the Government. Any aided schools and private schools that attain sufficiently high educational standards and has it own building, should be eligible to apply to join the DSS.The Policy of Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools in Hong Kong Critically examine the pros and cons of the Direct Subsidy Scheme in primary and secondary education in Hong Kong - The Policy of Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools in Hong Kong introduction.

The Policy of Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools in Hong Kong Words May 14th, 16 Pages Critically examine the pros and cons of the Direct Subsidy Scheme in primary and secondary education in Hong Kong. The paper attempts to explore the origin of Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools (DSS) policy in Hong Kong and its development in the past fifteen years.

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It focuses on the different aspects of financial. Home > Education System and Policy > Primary and Secondary School Education > Applicable to Primary and Secondary School > Direct Subsidy Scheme. Letter from the Working Group on Direct Subsidy Scheme to the Secretary for Education Executive Summary Main Report.

4. The policy of direct subsidy scheme schools in Hong Kong: finance and administration objectives (EMB, ). To some academics, it is an education reform by means of marketisation and privatization, with emphasis on diversity and choice in education (Whitty, ; Whitty, Power and Halpin, ; Gillborn and Youdell, ;.

The government set up the Direct Subsidy Scheme in primary and secondary education in Hong Kong with three rationales. The first one is to set up a qualified private education provision sector.

The scheme allows DSS schools to charge tuition fees on .

The policy of direct subsidy scheme
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