Website critique

Look for hard-on-the-eyes combinations of colors, including light type on light backgrounds, and note the use of pages that reverse out, or place a dark background behind light type. Some of it slows down page loading times. Are you using words and images that resonate with your customer based on your detailed customer personas?

How does the site use multimedia such as text, photo stills, video, audio and graphics? Color Palette Is your color palette attractive to the eye and appropriate for your industry? What is your first impression? Of course, if you design a site for someone else and the site owner provides its content, you may have limited control over what it actually says, both verbally and visually.

Focus not on whether you like the look but on whether it showcases the subject matter, provides an easy-to-read experience and abides by solid design principles. Professional Tone Are you conveying professionalism?

Is the site coherent and consistent throughout?

How to Critique a Website

Is there a noticeable difference between the "Display Type" and "Body Copy? Are there appealing images that enhance your updates on visual social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter? Enticing Calls to Action Is it clear what you want the customer to do upon visiting your website?

Does the concept match the content? Does the site break the design rule of using no more than 2 or 3 typefaces? Is the navigation clear? Are the photos well toned and sharpened, saved for the web? Is there a conversion opportunity on every page not just hidden away on your contact page?

And do your most recent posts feature content from your blog? Vincent Flanders, developer and curator of Web Pages That Suck, coined the term "mystery meat navigation" to denote any menu-and-link system that tries so hard to be clever that it becomes a test, instead of offering assistance.

Keyword-Focused Blog Topics Does each blog post have a focused topic, and are those topic keywords used throughout each post? Get an expert website critique Are you missing out on improvements that could generate new business from your website?

How fast does the site load? Coding Critique Even simple-looking websites can rely on large volumes of scripting, CSS code and other behind-the-scenes underpinnings. Itemize the sections of the site and analyze how they organize its material.

What is the theme or concept behind the site? Without real substance, a site becomes an empty shell. Are your details provided in text so that customers using mobile technology can call or map to your location easily? Are there too many? Are your graphics and font treatments up to date?

Convenient Capture Pages Is it easy for prospective customers to provide their information to you?

Social Media Integration Is it easy to share your company blog posts? Do the images you use speak to your target customer meaningful and unique, or a stock image that everyone else in your industry uses? Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate Lead-to-customer conversion rate is the percentage of your leads that are becoming customers.

Web designers can get caught up in the gestalt, or overview, of their sites without reading and reviewing what they say and show.Back to Course Syllabus.

Questions for Website Critique. Navigation / Focus: Does the design have a focal point?

What is your first impression? How does the designer use color and layout to make the site appealing and engaging? Our website critiques and usability reviews are a way for individuals and organizations to get actionable items they can use to improve their website’s performance.

Areas of the Website Critique: Navigation and organization of content. When looking at your own site, doing an effective website critique requires some imagination. Take off your marketing manager hat, and put on your customer hat.

Think about the reaction you as a potential customer have to a website that’s frustrating to use, not very informative, and well, ugly. May 21,  · We believe that every company in every industry deserves an effective, attractive website.

To that end, we’d like to introduce a website critique that you can use to quickly assess your own website for weak killarney10mile.comon: South 15th Street SuiteRichmond,Virginia.

Evaluation of Website Credibility Evaluation of Website Credibility is a website that offers information on a health related topics and wellness. This website has a domain which means it is operated by an organization.

A critique is a critical evaluation of the accuracy and sophistication of the material on the website, the ease and efficiency of navigating the site by a user, and the usefulness and accuracy of the links to which the website points the user.

Website critique
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