Work life balance programs in organizations essay

Both the high performance and the engagement views are grounded in assumptions of beneficial effects from integrating work—life initiatives with internal organizational or external environmental systems, which further illustrates the value of bringing them into the mainstream.

Effective incentives can also be social and moral and not only economic. It helps an organization to inherently build a strong value system, which is attributed to the work life balance enjoyed at the employee level.

Based on the assumptions of diversity management which aim to provide a positive workplace environment and accept the individual differences from different background, gender, race etc in order to maintain equality in the workplace.

Currently, practitioners can focus more on best practice studies conducted internally or by work—life consultants, that are not well disseminated in the public domain. It stated that there is an enormous increase of working mothers in contemporary world, which suggested that Within cultural support, we found very little research at the supervisory and co-worker level, another gap.

These are examples of the type of research that is needed for the future. These include and not limited to Better physical and mental health of employees Earlier return to work after maternity leave Reduced absenteeism. It is important to note that diversity managers are required to provide a range of work life balance programs to employees in order to foster a pleasant working environment wisegeek.

Gender, Work and Organization in press. Managers may be required to reduce headcount. Types of evidence needed. Multi-disciplinary Perspectives, Methods, and Approaches. Also, people caring for elderly in the labour force will increase as a result of this.

Moving work—life initiatives to the mainstream The emergence of work—life initiatives in many contexts around the globe highlights the need for organizations and societies to adapt in order to better support diversity in family and work role integration needs.

Although TASW was positively related to work-to-family conflict; time management setting goals and priorities reduced the negative personal impact of TASW.

Reduce commuting time, have a more flexible schedule and the need to be more autonomous to increase productivity. Hall as well as the levels of pressure and working time.

Organizations can help facilitate work-life balance for their employees through work-life programs and training.

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. She is a founding editor of the international journal Community, Work and Family. Case Studies of Organisational Change. This calls for a systems view of organizations e.

Lewis S, Smithson J. Much needed support to flexible work is also being given by the, Telework Enhancement Act of which required employers to show why employees are not eligible to telework because legal presumption is all workers are eligible.

Four articles examine issues of teleworking, and flexible working in regards to organizational tensions in implementing work—life initiatives in ways that balance employee and employer interests. It becomes a very important issue to Motorola for employees having an equal time split and balancing between work and life time as diversity management aims to support employees with equal opportunity and forecasting a happy working environment.

Drawing on control theory, they find that the extent of objective performance outcome data used in employee evaluation moderates a curvilinear relation inverted U between extent of telecommuting and job satisfaction. As previously stated, for this program to work, government support is needed to enact responsive labor, compensation and benefits law.

Tolerance of this diversity will enable increased implementation of work—life and work—family initiatives as new ways of working into the future as a core employer policy and practice to bring them into the organizational and societal mainstream.

Satisfaction balance or the level of satisfaction with work and non-work roles. One of the case study is Motorola which is a company founded in U. IKEA offers foot care and massage for them during their working time.

Work Life Balance

Work and Family in the United States: In the case of Motorola, offering a split time worker between workers, the managers should set out a clear schedule for the workers in terms of splitting time and responsibilities equally to avoid any conflicts.

Many Work-life balance policies and practices do not have any actual cost implications but rely on a more imaginative approach to everyday working conditions Hughes et al, Work—life initiatives also have connotations as practices to support equal employment opportunity, with their emergence and diffusion to help employers adapt to Civil Rights legislation passed in the s Civil Right Act and s Pregnancy Discrimination Act in response to dramatic shifts in labor force gender demography.

How much do you value your family and does it matter? The employees are given the freedom to have their own ways ofdoing the work. The work culture varies from organization to organization.

The telework report however, increased awareness among federal employees and media about the telework legislation.program at the University of Akron for 25 years. Her research and applied inter- to balance work and life demands?

The answer in some organizations is because work-life balance has yet to become a genuine priority. Upper management needs to implement the policies, and front-line managers need to enforce them. Without gener. Work-Life Balance Programs to Improve Employee Performance by George Sheppard MBA, SUNY Empire State College, work-life balance programs that nonprofit school leaders utilize to improve employee of work-life imbalance on an organization is (a) low productivity (Mantalay, Chakpitak.

Work Life Balance Programs in Organizations Essay Sample. Overview: Greater participation of women in the workforce has created the need for businesses to implement work/life balance programs.

Work Life Balance Programs in Organizations Essay Sample

Workplace Diversity and Work/Life Balance Essay - Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behavior within an organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organization’s effectiveness. Work life balance What are the benefits and barriers associated with the achievement of a work – life balance for employees and employers?

This essay explores the importance of the achievement of a work-life balance and the issues which can be faced when initiatives to achieve such a balance are implemented. Organizations can help facilitate work-life balance for their employees through work-life programs and training.

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Achievement and enjoyment at work is a critical part of work-life balance. Furthermore, achievement andenjoyment in the other three quadrants of one's life (e.g. family, friends andself) is critical as well.

Work life balance programs in organizations essay
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